The first major PS5 update available today

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Sony implements the first on Wednesday, April 14 important update around the world with new features and improvements to the PS5 system and just like at home Game’o’Matic we’re nice, we’ll tell you everything here.

Players have been waiting for it from the start and this feature is finally available. You can now save your games in addition to your PS4 games PS5 on an external storage and this in a simple way. This allows you to expand your storage space, which was heavily criticized at the console’s launch given the size of next-generation games.

Bad news: games can’t be started directly from the external drive for now. The games that are restored to the console’s SSD drive are automatically updated and you have the option to choose whether you want to install only the campaign or multiplayer mode as offered by the Call of Duty license, for example.

External storage will then be compatible with M.2 readers but it won’t be for a while. here’s one tutorial to guide you through this new feature.

Transfer games to extended storage

You can now share a game between PS4 and PS5 and vice versa to easily show your game to your friend or even let him play for you during a game PS5 while it’s on his PS4. Another nice novelty is that you can create a virtual controller to play with your teammate if he doesn’t own the game.

The request to join a game session is worked out with a shortcut, both on PS4 and on PS5 and you have the option to block the players you don’t want to join in Party through the confidentiality settings.

Shortcut to Request for party and game sessions
Shortcut to Request for party and game sessions

Regarding the Game Base, many changes have been made and we will work them out for you:

PS5 game base
PS5 game base
  • You can switch between your parties and chats with your friends to chat in your existing parties or check out your friends’ activities online. In addition, you can enable or disable notifications for each of them.
  • You can mute or adjust the volume from other players you are chatting with without asking.
  • You can customize your game library with library search and the ability to hide games, search for content, and personalization.
  • From the settings menu you can now adjust the zoom level on your screen.
  • Until now, screenshots and video clips were recorded the moment you unlock a trophy, but now you can choose the types of trophies (platinum, gold, etc.) you want to include. A new statistics screen for your trophies has also been added.
PS5 Trophy Statistics
PS5 Trophy Statistics

The application PlayStation app has also undergone some changes, among other things with the ability to communicate more easily with your console, receive a notification when your friends connect or even the change from your smartphone of the online status of your console or not.

The wishlist will be restored again, after it has been deleted during the new app scheduled for the launch of the PS5 last November.

New features will be released in the coming weeks, such as the ability to participate in a multiplayer game PS5 via your mobile, compare your trophies with your friends, manage your storage and finally you can sort and filter the products in the Playstation Store that were also removed in the new version of the application.

Playstation app
Playstation app

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