The first episode of the Tools Up! Garden Party DLC! available

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Are you a fan of renovations? So Tools Up! is made for you. The game was developed by the small team of The Knights of Unity, offering a pleasant family moment in the tradition of Overcooked.

As of yesterday, the Garden Party DLC, divided into three episodes that will be released gradually, has been available on all media Pc Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

You will understand from the title, this time you have to take care of gardens on a total of 15 levels per episode. The first episode with the title The treehouse! includes exclusive tools, new mechanics and a formidable enemy.

In Episode 1, you have to grow your lawn with seeds by removing the weeds beforehand and then pamper your seedlings by watering them.

Prune the mower well and make your garden beautiful, but don’t mow your friends anyway, blood stains! If you’re not resourceful enough with this, use your hands or scissors for safety.

You must solve the tree house mystery before you can repack your tools. Go through all three episodes and discover the truth lurking in the canopy!

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