Yvette Nicole Brown says the community movie is ‘coming’

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Ever since Greendale Community College closed its doors after 110 episodes and half of its “ six seasons and a movie ” promise has come true, there have been rumors that a feature film must be completed. Community‘s mantra. The last cast member to discuss the potential of a Spanish 101 reunion was Yvette Nicole Brown, who told Variety that “I think it’s coming”.

Brown, who played Shirley Bennett on the show, began by revealing that the cast still interacted daily, saying, “We have a reunion every morning. We have a group text that pops. We joke and laugh at each other randomly. You never know who’s going to start it – it could be a joke someone has or it could be a fan art someone got – but we always meet up on a daily basis. The film? I think it is coming. I do not know when [but] I know we all want to do it and that’s half the battle. “

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Admittedly, the last season was a huge disappointment, but when Community was at its peak, few shows could challenge it to the laughs quota. Let us know if you agree and if you would like to see the return of Jeff, Britta, Abed, Annie, Shirley, Troy and Dean Pelton by visiting our social channels @ FlickeringMyth …


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