Sky Fleet now open for Steam Playtest

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Enno Games has announced that there is a highly anticipated co-op shooter, tower defense and base-building game, Sky Fleet, is now open for a Steam Play test. The playtest is open to anyone with a Steam account and runs until April 19th.

In Sky Fleet players will lead a fleet of blimps in defense of their homeland. To defend the homeland from invading drones, fleet commanders must team up with other players to collect resources so they can build the ultimate floating city.

Resources are essential for building and upgrading your fleet. Build shield generators to defend your buildings from attack and farms to collect material much faster. Once the fleet is fully developed, it’s time to take on the enemy.



The new features that come with this latest playtest are:

  • Two new ships – Frigate and Destroyer – can be purchased from the armory.
  • Shortcut keys are now available for building structures and more.
  • Bug fixes and many small improvements!
  • New Passive Skills:
  • Heal Allies: Heals nearby ships and buildings.
  • Hollow point: Bullets cause extra damage.
  • Ammo Maker: Generate ammo – and never run out!
  • Side shields: Creates side shields that block bullets.


To participate in the Sky Fleet Steam Playtest visit the game’s Steam page.

Sky Fleet will be launched later this year.

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