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Square Enix has uploaded a new video to its YouTube of the anime opening to The world ends with you: the animationThe company removed all credits from the opening, giving the art a neater look. The video also features the new theme song after Square Enix decided to use the original theme due to controversy.

Square Enix’s latest upload shows the animation in all its glory. The video removes the opening titles to focus on the art of the adjustment. The opening also includes the new theme song, “Twister -Animation OP ver. -” The official Japanese Twitter account in front of The world ends with you announced on April 8, 2021 that it would change the original theme song, “Teenage City Riot”. The reason for the sudden change was due to the arrest of the band’s drummer.

The original opening to The world ends with you anime differed from the video above. The tone was very different because of the contrast between the songs, and there was more action. Plus, the old opening was just under a minute, while the new video lasts a minute and a half. Square Enix set the original theme to private on his YouTube channel.

The world ends with you: the animation debuted in Japan on April 9, 2021. Funimation is streaming the anime in North America.

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