Call of Duty Warzone server queue when Nuke event goes live

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Warzone server queues are back for the Nuke event (Image: ACTIVISION)

The good news is that while the Warzone server queues are back, gamers are reporting that they got through it pretty quickly.

And for those who have received server errors, the current advice is to go back and start over.

As always, these issues can persist for some time as everyone tries to access Warzone servers.

This is part of the new Nuke event, which is now live in-game and available on all platforms. However, some gamers are also reporting problems staying in the event which starts with dropping and finding a Juggernaut suit.

A message from Activision adds, “Operators, The above quote should resonate to us today, because in less than an hour you will launch the most massive coordinated effort that Operation Rapid Sunder has ever seen.

“In the last year of our operation we had our disagreements and disputes. In the last year of our operation we made mistakes and even lost some objectives. Indeed, in the last year of our operation there were even some“ own fire ”Incidents .

But this is the same task force that infiltrated Verdansk day after day, whether on the brightest days or at night. This is the same task force that brought the mercenary Shadow Company from our enemies to our fellow Operators. This is the same task force that overcame the October 2020 nightmares.

‘And this is the working group that once saved the world from evil. It’s time to do it again.

“To the operators operating in Verdansk, we must honor the ghosts of our fallen squad members and bring them justice, regardless of which host these parasites have taken over.”

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