PS5 UK Supplement: Smyths could be your last chance to get a PlayStation until mid-May

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PS5 is back in stock at Smyths (Image: GETTY)

If you haven’t been lucky enough to get your hands on a PS5 since launch, then you might want to pay a visit to Smyths.

After a slow month to replenish PS5, UK retailer Smyths has given customers new hope to grab a console.

Both the PlayStation 5 disc and the discless consoles are in and out of stock Smyths.

Since Smyths often fall in smaller batches throughout the day, customers are encouraged to keep refreshing the site.

As pointed out by PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates (below), it’s also worth having two devices open when trying to buy.

Unfortunately, it looks like the inventory problems will continue until mid-May, when some major inventory declines will occur.

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“Major PS5 stocks should arrive in the second week of May if everything goes according to plan,” reads a PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates tweet.

If the tweet is correct, the stock will drop in the week beginning May 10.

Although it will be a long time before stock is available in stores, the good news is that the stock declines should be quite large.

This is because April’s deferred stock should be available at the same time as the May run-out.

As a reminder, PlayStation 5 international shipments were delayed due to shipping issues.

“All UK PS5 stock delayed due to shipping issues,” read a previous tweet.

“There was a stock release every week. Good news is that Sony shipped the May stock, we’re getting the April and May PS5 stock all over again, so huge windows by the drop!”

When the big addition happens, fans will be able to try some great new games.

This includes the upcoming PS5 exclusive Returnal, which is described as a roguelike bullet-hell shooter.

After crash-landing on a shape-shifting alien planet, Selene must fight tooth and nail to survive. Time and time again, she is defeated and must resume her journey every time she dies.

“In this roguelike shooter, both the planet and your equipment change with each cycle, requiring you to adapt your play style and take on new challenges.”

If developer Housemarque’s previous games have anything to offer, fans are in for a treat!

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