Tales of Arise Original Open World Concept has been suspended to create a more focused experience

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Tales Of Arise will be a linear experience like previous entries in the series, but it looks like the development team has tried to make things a little different this time around.

Speak with IGNProducer Yusuke Tomizawa confirmed that the development team had conducted a number of tests simulating both open-world and linear gameplay, and ultimately opted for linear to provide a more focused experience.

We even debated whether to go for an open world concept or a linear concept. This was something in the early stages that we really had a back and forth debate about. We actually ran tests that simulated both situations and finally came to the decision that, as we said, for reasons that we want the players to focus, we went for the linear option. We thought it was the best way for players to really enjoy Tales of Arise. Again, the story, the character development, all that good stuff, we thought it was the best way to convey that gameplay to the player.

In the same interview, the producer of Tales Of Arise spoke about combat and said it has undergone a massive overhaul and that it will feature an evasion and counter system similar to that of Tales of Graces. Unfortunately, multiplayer will not make a comeback.

So this game is really a standalone game where one person really enjoys the drama and overall story of the game, we don’t really have any plans for a multiplayer mode at the moment. But then again, we’ve paid a lot of attention to how the characters work together and how they work together in battle and how that plays out in the game mechanics.

Tales of Arise launches worldwide on September 10 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

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