Verdansk Destruction: Warzone Event Part 2 Start Time and Rebirth Island Report

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Verdansk Destruction Part 2 in Warzone (Image: ACTIVISION)

It has been confirmed that Part 1 of today’s Call of Duty Warzone event will end at 10pm BST, although we don’t know what’s coming next.

Fans who completed the event have seen squads fight for survival and then be swept away by zombie hordes or the launch of a Nuke.

Exfil will be impossible because the Dam will be the last place before a short trailer goes live.

While we don’t know what will happen during Verdansk Desutrction Part 2, we dropped this hint regarding the Call of Duty timings.

This could indicate new events happening later in the day, with the April 22 update going live at 5am BST, followed by something new on Thursday evenings at 8pm BST.

Activision’s post reads: “The Armistice Central Command is ordering the evacuation of all operators and civilians from Verdansk, effective immediately. Under the ceasefire code of conduct, evacuation efforts will be conducted as follows:

“This briefing will be updated as new information becomes apparent. All updates are visible to all operators and citizens. We will coordinate efforts using the Armistice Standard Pacific Time.

Exfiltration helicopters are expected to arrive over Verdansk today, April 21 noon. Due to the number of aircraft required for this evacuation and the unusual wind conditions in Kastovia, we only have an estimated time of arrival for the first formation. of helicopters, but we expect the evacuations to be ready by 2 p.m.

“Third, the communication efforts of the Containment Protocol will require a system-wide update within our network. This requires all operators to manually update their communication unit (for citizens: their “console”) from April 21 to April 21.

“Given the timeline above, we expect that the operation will be successful and that communication will return to normal at noon on April 22,”

Meanwhile, another message shared online comes straight from Rebirth Island asking for news of what happened in Verdansk.

More blog posts and hints can be shared throughout the day ahead of the release of Warzone Season 3 on April 22.

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