Animal Crossing: New Horizons Free Update April 28 detailed

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Game company Nintendo recently shared the details of what to expect in the upcoming new free update for video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

animal that crosses new horizons

A new free update will be released on April 28th and will provide access to upcoming events in the coming days, weeks and even through June 2021. Check them out here:

May Day (April 29 – May 7): Use your May Day Ticket and travel a rather interesting island between April 29 – May 7. These tickets are single use, so plan your trip accordingly. Have a good flight!

International Museum Day (May 18 – May 31): To celebrate International Museum Day, players can participate in a stamp rally between May 18 and May 31. After speaking to Blathers and receiving a special stamp car, players can enjoy viewing fish, insects, fossils and art as they collect stamps at the various museum exhibits.

Wedding Season (June 1 – June 30): Ever since Reese and Cyrus got married in the month of June, it is now their tradition to take wedding photos every June on Harvey’s Island. Meet them on the island and help take cute photos. A few embellishments go a long way!

Also, wedding season furniture and fashion items will be available all month at Nook Shopping and Able Sisters. Check them out before they turn away.

Seasonal items As always, check Nook Shopping for new seasonal items in May and June. You’ll find a selection of items based on Mother’s Day, Cheese Rolling and more!

Animal Cross: New Horizons now available on Nintendo Switch.

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