Ghostbusters are invited to new Planet Coaster Console Edition packs

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Planet Coaster is an amusement park management game developed by Frontier developments. While the game was initially only released on PC, it later appeared on consoles. Playstation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox series X / S.

Planet Coaster Console Edition trailer

We dust the Proton Packs, Ghostbusters is back!

The version Console edition is gradually catching up with the additional content previously released for players Pc.


What interests us today is the arrival of the DLC that will put cinema and more precisely the license in the spotlight. Ghostbusters. Immerse yourself in the world of movies with a new storyline with sound effects to get you in the mood.

Enjoy the voice of the actors Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton. You will find it clear ECTO-1, the Chamallow Bibendum, Food and the headquarters of the ghost hunters.

Reunited again.
Reunited again.

In the ghostbusters packageplayers have access to:

  • Plan.
  • Building materials.
  • A roller coaster called the RollerGhoster.
  • The Ghostbusters Experience, an attraction where customers board the legendary Ecto-1 and shoot with the Proton package on ghosts.

In the Studios packageare you able to:

  • Make shows with stunts.
  • Build sensational rides.
  • Find more than 90 floor plans and decorative objects.
  • Discover three new attractions: the Big screen tour, Re-Motion and Horror Heights.
The famous lesson of the SOS spirits.
Ghostbusters famous car.

These two packages will be available from April 29, 2021 Playstation 4 and 5 as well as on Xbox One and Series X / S, at a price of 14.99 euros for the Ghostbusters Pack and 9.99 euros for the Studios package.

For PC gamers, these packages have been available through Steam.

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