Ace Attorney Teppen Set includes proof and present mechanics

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Ace lawyer appeared in Teppen with a new Ace vs the People card set. It introduces a number of cards featuring characters from the series. Although there are also other Capcom crossover cards in it. It also adds a new Evidence and Present mechanic that allows you to trigger effects while playing.

Here’s the movie Ace vs. The People Teppen trailer. It begins with an explanation of the “case,” in which Larry Butz is accused of breaking Mayor Cody’s statue. Phoenix defends him, Miles Edgeworth is the prosecutor, and one in-game event from April 30, 2021, you will help solve it.

When it comes to the Teppen card set, both Ace lawyer and Dead Rising characters appear. Some of the cards include a Legendary Miles Edgeworth, a Wendy Oldbag and Frank West Chatterbox Common card, a Brilliant Turnabout Legendary card with Phoenix and Mia on it, and a Gearhead Witness Abigail Legendary card.

There also is a diagram shows how Phoenix, Edgeworth and other characters connect with other people from different Capcom series. For example, it suggests that Wendy Oldbag and Dan Hibiki work for the same security company.

ace lawyer teppen 2

As to how evidence gathering and presentation works Ace Lawyer Teppen cards, there is a video showing how it works. Essentially, some cards need evidence to use skills and, presenting that, you can do things in battle.

Teppen is available on Android and Apple iOS devices and the Ace lawyer Ace vs. the People card set is available. In February 2021, Ada Wong and Strider Hiryu joined the game.

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