Another blow to Huawei as the Google ban continues to bite Android

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Huawei Android block starts to bite (Image: HUAWEI • GETTY)

Since 2019, Huawei has been blocked from using Google apps or popular services due to a US trade ban on the company. That means if you buy a new Huawei device like the P40 Pro, you won’t find any sign of Gmail, Google Maps or the all-important and app-packed Google Play Store.

Since the block took effect, Huawei has been busy fixing things, with the Chinese tech company launching its own App Gallery store and even moving away from the Android operating system with its next generation of devices all switching to its own brand . HarmonyOS software.

However, despite all its best efforts, it seems that the Google block is really hitting Huawei where it hurts with the sales of its smartphones around the world. In March, it was reported that Huawei had slipped behind rivals such as Oppo and Vivo in China and now the same slide has happened in Europe.

According to the new statistics of Counterpoint investigationHuawei’s growth fell by a whopping 77 percent in the first half of 2021.

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Sales of Huawei phones in Europe

Huawei phone sales have fallen sharply in Europe (Image: COUNTERPOINT)

In 2020, Huawei managed to secure nine percent of sales in European markets, but this has now dropped to just two percent.

While that’s terrible for Huawei, it has allowed other Chinese brands, not banned from Google, to fill the void.

Xiaomi and Oppo have both performed well in the first three months of 2021, with Xiaomi seeing a 73 percent growth and Oppo a whopping 95 percent jump.

That puts these companies in third (Xiaomi) and fourth (Oppo) and Huawei drops to fifth – just ahead of OnePlus.

Samsung was the main winner of the quarter after regaining Apple’s top spot (although Apple is still the clear leader in France, Germany and the UK).

Jan Stryjak, Associate Director of Counterpoint Research, said of the new statistics: “The first quarter of 2021 was a prime example of the intensely competitive nature of the European smartphone market. In January, Apple was the clear leader after the device’s most successful launch ever; Samsung rebounded in February thanks to strong sales of its latest flagship Galaxy S21 series and popular Galaxy A series; and then Xiaomi reached its highest ever market share in Europe in March thanks to the launch of its own flagship Mi11 devices. OPPO, OnePlus, realme and vivo also continue to grow strongly, with most of them launching new devices this quarter. “

Rumor has it that Huawei will soon be launching its new P50 smartphone and this could give the company a much-needed boost.

However, it will have to convince consumers that they can live without Google before sales return to the levels of a few years ago.

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