Astra’s Guide to Returnal – What happens between playthroughs?

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A good roguelike rewards players for their persistence and persistence through multiple playthroughs, and Housemarque’s Returnal is no different. While you can’t take that level 30 Tachyon Carbine with you on your next adventure on Atropos, we’ve highlighted some of the things that will make all the difference to Selene’s survival.

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What is not transferred?

This will be most of what Selene picks up on her adventures in Returnal. Fear not, because what you pick up will change what Selene can get the next time she boards the Helios crash site. Since the world map is randomly generated on every run, it makes sense that Selene should start with a clean slate every time. The rooms themselves are handcrafted, so you’ll come to recognize the layouts and how the world fits together the more you enjoy Returnal’s next playthroughs. Since Obolites don’t transfer between runs, take a moment to locate the conversion terminal in your biome (in the first region, it’s in the same room as the four upgrade terminals) and cash in a stack of unnecessary Obolites for Ether, once per run.

  • Skill levels
  • Selene’s coat of arms
  • Any artifacts and consumables
  • Complete the card
  • Obolites (currency)
  • Parasites and disturbances
  • Selene’s maximum health
  • Data cubes (if not deposited at the end of each biome)
  • Atropian Keys

What is transferred?

Each run you complete in Returnal will add new items to the loot pool from future runs. Artifacts unlocked through Ether purchases or picked up during normal play may appear in later playthroughs. Once collected, data cubes can be deposited at dedicated terminals and add one of eighteen unique artifacts / consumables to the mix. The more times you use a particular item / weapon or kill an enemy, you will gain a small level of knowledge in Selene’s codex. I haven’t been able to find any use for this in my playthrough, but it’s something for completists to keep an eye out for. Weapons can spawn with one to four attributes. By earning enough kills with a particular weapon, you permanently unlock the trait, so you don’t have to go through the same process with a newer version of that weapon.

When earning certain keys, such as the Crimson Key, players can skip those segments of the biome and go straight to the boss of each level. However, it is recommended that you keep looking for artifacts and some collectibles in these additional areas to ease the grind to unlock Returnal’s Platinum Trophy.

  • Ether
  • Unlocked passive weapon and alt-fire attributes
  • Selene’s relocation equipment
  • Main items
  • Audio logs
  • Scanned xenoglyphs
  • Xenociphers
  • Notes and records
  • Item and Artifact Loot Pool

There you have it. While you can’t take everything that made your last Returnal run successful, the items you unlocked should give Selene a shot the next time she ventures into the unexplored areas of Atropos. Is there anything else you would like to know about Returnal? Let us know in the comments below!

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