Fate / Grand Order Lady Reines’s Case Files event begins

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The next Fate / Grand Order event has begun, and the title is “Lady Reines’s Case Files,” the previously teased crossover with the The file files of Lord El-Melloi II series. In an update on the official site, Aniplex revealed details of the event and how it will unfold.

The title “Lady Reines” refers to Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, the young head of the El-Melloi mage clan. She plays a huge role in both the The file files of Lord El-Melloi II series and in the event. She is also the last to join the playable roster Fate / Grand Order Rider-class Servant. Just as Waver Velvet merged with Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang to manifest as Servant in FGOworld, Reines joined another Three Kingdoms-era Chinese luminary, Sima Yi. Sima Yi was chief adviser and regent of the kingdom of Wei and gained notoriety for repelling repeated invasions by rival kingdoms of Wei in the second century. Accordingly, Reines is an Arts Element Rider with a strong defensive playing style. Her Noble Phantasm is unique in that it can temporarily wipe out class-based affinities, preventing enemies from taking advantage of class advantage.

Check out her Noble Phantasm:

Astraea also joins the roster at the Case Files event of Lady Reines, the third character of the 4-Star Ruler class in Fate / Grand Order. The Greek goddess of justice has chosen a mortal vessel in the form of Luvia Edelfelt, one Lot franchise alum best known to fans of the Prisma Ilya spin-off and players of the Fate / Stay Night: Hollow Ataraxia extension. As a ruler, Astraea only takes half the damage of most other classes, and her skills emphasize dealing damage based on critical hits.

Here’s her Noble Phantasm, next to Emiya’s (Assassin’s):

As for the event itself, Lady Reines’s Case Files is a mission-based event. Fate / Grand Order Players play story missions to unlock repeatable free quests and achieve various goals (such as killing a certain number of specific enemy types). Event Craft Essence gear purchased for free currency can be equipped to increase the spawn rate of specific enemies and shorten the grind. Certain Servants also have damage bonuses when deployed, so deep bank players can take advantage of their roster to make the procedure smoother.

Players will also gain access to Gray, Lord El-Melloi II’s assistant of the Case files series, and an Assassin-class Servant. clearing the main command line will permanently unlock her for future use.

The Fate / Grand Order Lady Reines’ Case Files event will run until May 13, 2021. The game is available immediately on Android and iOS.

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