MegaHouse opens Yu-Gi-Oh Art Works Monsters Figure Poll

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MegaHouse is going to make more Yu-Gi-Oh Art Works Monsters figures and asked people for their opinion of them. The company shared a poll asking people to vote for the next character it should immortalize. A website is open and includes both English and Japanese language options so that people around the world can vote.

The survey has only three questions. The first offers a possible list of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters that could be turned into figures. You can choose one. If you select “Other” there, you will be asked in the second question to indicate which character you want to see made into a statue. The last question is where you come from.

Here are a few of the options listed in the poll. Note that multiple Blue-Eyes Dragons will also appear.

  • Chaos Emperor Dragon: Envoy of the End
  • Dark Wizard
  • Dark Magician Girl (Both standard and Dragon Knight variants are listed)
  • Exodia the Forbidden One
  • Junk Warrior
  • Obelisk the tormentor
  • Palladium Oracle Mahad
  • Slifer the Sky Dragon
  • The winged dragon of Ra
  • Yubel

There are three of them Yu-Gi-Oh So far figures from Art Works Monsters. People would be the Black Luster Soldier, Blue eyes white dragon, and Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Black Luster Soldier is cheapest at ¥ 15,180 (~ $ 139). Both dragons cost more than ¥ 18,000 (~ $ 165) each.

yu gi oh artworks monsters figure black gloss soldier

People can vote for the following MegaHouse Yu-Gi-Oh Art Works Monsters figure until May 16, 2021.

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