MLB The Show 21 down: Servers status last, maintenance scheduled for this weekend

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MLB The Show 21 down – Server status last, maintenance rescheduled (Image: SONY)

MLB The Show 21 fans will again see servers down for maintenance today. This month continues as the previous one ended, with MLB The Show 21 servers taken offline on Saturday, May 1. As with previous server downtimes, MLB The Show 21 will take place at 4pm Pacific / 7pm East / 12pm BST.

PlayStation and Xbox gamers are advised to finish all games before then.

The MLB The Show 21 Twitter posted, “Server maintenance is scheduled for 4am PT on Saturday 5/1/21. Complete all games before then. Thanks.”

The last server downtime comes the day after a server update and a new game update is released.

Game Update 3 is out now for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox One, with the new patch bringing a roster download debugger to the table, among other things.

The MLB The Show 21 Twitter yesterday announced the release of this patch: “Includes Game Update 3 & server update @ 4 AM PT on 4/30/21.

“Increased progression on Ballplayer basics. Search functions in the Stadium Creator Vault. Fix errors when downloading rosters.

Please complete all games before then.

The new MLB The Show 21 update does not bring gameplay tweaks, but adds many fixes.

Here’s a list of the gameplay fixes that Update 3 adds, and if you’d like to see the full patch notes, click here.

Fixed a bug where a player would dive into the tag when not needed

Fixed an issue where left-handed pitchers would go the wrong way when covering the house

Fixed an issue where the catcher would occasionally not try to tag a runner who stole home

Fixed an occasional freeze that would occur when the attacking player steals on a bases loaded while swinging on strike 3

Replacement by Pinch Runner will now only prompt the user for an additional 2nd place runner if it needs to be replaced

Players whose turn it is will now be visible in the attack and defense shortcut menu

MLB The Show 21 album cover

MLB The Show 21 is out now for PlayStation and Xbox consoles (Image: SONY)

Fixed an issue where players intermittently “freeze” after defending users selected a secondary field

Fixed an issue where users could not pick up the ball after a dive stop

Fixed an issue where catchers would throw after a pitch was canceled

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused a soft lock after homeruns

Fixed a visual bug that caused player cards to get stuck on the screen for the attacking user

Fixed a bug that caused a runner to disappear if they were also called to the on-deck circle in Showdown

Fixed a soft lock that would occasionally occur when the defensive player made a substitution

Fixed an issue where hitter tendencies were not showing in in-game player cards

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