Nintendo Switch fans get a ray of hope that the legendary game can FINALLY be released

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News about Nintendo Switch games – I hope the legendary game can finally be released (Image: NINTENDO)

If you look through Nintendo’s catalog, there are plenty of critically acclaimed games that missed millions for the first time and would be ripe for a Nintendo Switch re-release. Super Mario RPG is one such title that comes to mind, launched in Japan and America in the 90s, but never made its way to Europe. While the original Sin & Punishment is another game that was only available in Japan for years, until it was happily released in the West on the Wii Virtual Console.

But more than any other game, there is one Nintendo title that gamers in the West are crying out for.

Mother 3 is arguably the holy grail of Nintendo games, the closing chapter of the Mother trilogy and the sequel to Mother 2 – known in the West as Eartbound.

It was first released on Game Boy Advance in Japan on April 20, 2006, before being re-released for the Wii U Virtual Console in 2016 – again in Japan.

The RPG’s development spanned 12 years and four consoles, which were originally planned to launch on the SNES, before work began on moving to the N64 and the 64DD add-on.

It has earned a reputation as one of the best Nintendo games ever and one of the greatest games of all time.

But unfortunately it was never officially released in the West, and those who want to play an English-language version of it will have to rely on a translation from a fan.

However, it is revealed that Nintendo has reportedly tried to locate Mother 3 in English, but it was never released.

This news came courtesy of Leaker Samus Hunter who reported on Twitter: “Nintendo tried to localize the game in English, and they probably have an official translation, but the plan has changed and like FE1, they haven’t published during the Wii U generation.

“Probably something happened that led to the cancellation of that plan.”

Mother 3 for Game Boy Advance

Mother 3 for Game Boy Advance is one of the most legendary Nintendo games (Image: NINTENDO)

Samus Hunter’s comments come after Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews took to Twitter to advocate for an English localization of Mother 3.

This week, Crews tweeted, “LOCALIZE MOTHER 3!”

Both Crews’ intervention and Samus Hunter’s leak come after Mother 3 celebrated its 15th anniversary last week.

And the Nintendo leaker gave fans still hoping for a Mother 3 localization a bit of a boost.

On Twitter, @ SamusHunter2 added, “That said, don’t lose hope for Mother 3’s localization. Nintendo is treating Earthbound as something special, they won’t launch these games without something to make them stand out, similar to what’s out there. happened with FE1.

“So keep asking about the game you want to release!”

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie-Fils Aime earlier joked after leaving Ninty that he was “lucky” not to be involved in the decision whether Mother 3 will finally get a Western release or not.

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