PS5 / Xbox Series X Canadian Connection: Overlooked stores that might be your next generation connection

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Grabbing a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S doesn’t get any easier. Both Sony and Microsoft have warned that the shortages will continue for a while, perhaps for the rest of the year, and trying to get a next-gen console through the standard major retailers like Amazon, EB Games and Walmart is often a challenge. exercise in meaninglessness. New stock is put on sale and disappears minutes (or seconds) later. Fortunately, there are some other options that are often overlooked for Canadians looking to upgrade their gaming setup. Many retailers may consider it when considering purchasing a new console, resulting in less competition and a greater chance of you actually get that shiny new PS5 or XSX.

Now, a disclaimer before we move on – even these retailers aren’t sure. You’ll have to be lucky, but if you keep an eye on these stores and the big boys, you should be able to lock in a new console soon …

The source

The Canadian equivalent of RadioShack doesn’t generally get a lot of attention from most people. It exists in the neglected back corner of the mall and you may have bought some batteries there once. Well, they also sell video games, including next-gen consoles! The source that’s where I scored my PS5 – when pre-orders went up and every other online store crashed, I quietly got my order from The Source and they delivered without fuss on launch day.

The source will occasionally send an email or Facebook message to indicate when they have inventory online, but many times units will just … show up in stores. There have been numerous reports of Canadians simply walking into The Source and unexpectedly finding PS5 and XSX stock on the shelves. So check nearby locations regularly! Obviously, visiting in person can be tricky, but just call your local stores – they can even alert you if they plan to buy more inventory soon. You can even use the StockTrack website to find individual stores with next-generation consoles to sell. Here are The Source’s landing pages for both the PS5 and Xbox series X / S.

Shoppers Drug Mart

One of the most ubiquitous retailers in Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart sell you everything from band-aids to laxatives … and next-generation consoles. While they rarely announce anything publicly, the Shoppers website will occasionally offer new PS5 / XSX stock on sale. They even have a nice little virtual waiting room setup so you don’t have to refresh your finger. In addition, just like The Source, stocks will often just hit the shelves. Most Shoppers locations tend to be a bit hectic and / or understaffed so you may not get a great response when calling, but you will probably need to get there quickly anyway, so make sure to check out that often overlooked electronics section while there. And yes, if you’ve saved up a ton of Optimum points, you can get a nice little discount!

Real Canadian superstore

This one is for the Western Canadians out there like Superstore is not as ubiquitous in the east. Superstore is owned by the same parent company as Shopper’s Drug Mart, so it’s basically the same deal. Getting information over the phone can be difficult, but PS5 and XSX devices do show up in stores, so keep an eye out for the electronics section.


Staples is more than just a place to use a printer when you run out of ink at home! Like the rest of the retailers on this list, Staples will occasionally put batches of PS5 and XSX online, but units will just show up on the shelves too, so stay tuned!

How do I know when these retailers will be offering PS5 and Xbox Series X / S for sale online?

Still hoping you can grab a next-gen console online? As mentioned earlier, most of the above retailers are quite unreliable about announcing when they open orders online, so how do you know? Frankly, your best to follow Lbabinz on Twitter. Somehow, they’re always the first to know when the PS5 or Xbox Series X / S goes on sale, including at under-the-radar retailers. Enable notifications for the Lbabinz account and you won’t miss out when things go on sale.

So there you have a few tips that will hopefully get you a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S soon. Again, nothing is guaranteed, but trust me, tracking down a next-gen console isn’t as impossible as it sometimes seems. To the Canadians out there: have you been lucky yet? Where did you get your new console?

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