AO has ‘many’ PS5 shares ready to sell ‘very soon’ in the UK

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AO will be tipped for getting a PS5 UK supplement ‘very soon’ (Image: SONY • AO)

If you’re still looking for a PS5 then should be one of the UK retailers to add to your watch list. This weekend it turned out that has “a lot” of PS5 stock ready to be sold. That’s according to the @ PS5UKStock Twitter who claimed that the next PS5 AO supplement will be available “very soon.”

On Saturday the @PS5UKStock Twitter account posted: “BREAKING: We have confirmed with AO managers that they have a lot of stock ready and waiting to be disposed of ‘very soon.’ No specific date given.

“They released a small amount of stock this morning at 4:33 AM as part of a test on their ‘alt system’.

“# PS5 # PS5UK # PS5Restock”.

The news comes now that May is tipped as a top month for PS5 resupply after a dry April where PS5 resupply was rare.

PlayStation 5 stock hunters were treated to a fresh stock from Smyths Toys in late April, but other than that, it was a small crop.

Luckily for anyone who hasn’t had any luck buying a PS5 so far since the console launched last November, May should be a different story.

At the end of April, the @ PS5UKStock posted Twitter, “Who else needs a PS5? I feel like we’re going to be hit by a wave of drops in May.”

While the @ PS5Instant Twitter also said, “May # PS5UK Shipping largest yet. Major retailers are receiving more inventory than ever! Make scalpers at a loss!”

One of the retailers said to be getting a hefty PS5 supply in May is Argos, which is being tipped to have “record” levels of new PS5 supply.

PS5 UK restocking news for May 2021 - Latest update

AO is one of the UK retailers tipped to get a PS5 supplement in May (Image: SONY)

While GAME would also get plenty of new PS5 stock in May, the retailer reportedly took orders for the PS5 twice this month.

GAME would open orders for the PS5 during the second week of May, while Argos is tipped to start taking orders for the PS5 on May 11.

Argos, unlike other UK retailers, opens orders for the PS5 in the early hours of the morning – with a stock drop at 1am.

So if you’re looking for a PS5 from Argos, you may find yourself headed for a late night with the following addition.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that Amazon is getting more PS5 stock with a large stock reportedly on the cards in mid-May.

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