‘Biggest ever’ PS5 UK addition this month: GAME, Argos, Amazon, John Lewis stock latest

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PS5 stock UK for May 2021 – news from GAME, Amazon, Argos and John Lewis (Image: SONY)

May could be a huge month for PS5 restocks. We’re off the back of an extremely bare-bones batch of PS5 resupply in the UK, with April – except for a surprise that Smyths Toys stock is dropping at the end – leaving PlayStation fans in Blighty little chance to buy Sony’s much-requested following gen console. But rumor has it that May will be a whole different story with the “largest” PS5 shipment to date to UK retailers.

That’s according to the @ PS5Instant Twitter who said more stock than “ever before” is going to stores in the UK.

The PS5 stock tracker account, which previously revealed unannounced information, also urged PlayStation gamers not to be tempted by scalpers as new stocks are on the way.

The @ PS5Instant Twitter posted: “May # PS5UK Shipping largest yet. Major retailers are receiving more inventory than ever! Make scalpers lose money!”

The account went on to say when other retailers will be getting new PS5 stock and how many consoles will be for sale.

The @ PS5Instant Twitter said Argos is getting “record” levels of new shares, while GAME will take orders for the PS5 twice in May.

The account also said Amazon has significant PS5 inventory that will drop by mid-month.

The @ PS5Instant Twitter posted, “Currently watching # PS5restock at GAME & Argos between May 10-17. GAME will receive 25,000 units and stock twice next month!”

It also added, “# PS5UK shares look very promising, Argos has a record number of shares.”

Speaking of Amazon’s inventory situation, @ PS5Instant tweeted, “# PS5UK shipments still on track in early May. Amazon has a major release scheduled for mid-May.”

The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter has also tweeted about the PS5 restocks on the horizon.

The PS5 Stock UK Twitter said the new PlayStation 5 console stock should arrive in Argos warehouses on May 4 and 6 before the consoles go on sale on Tuesday, May 11.

The account tweeted: “[Argos] The stock count is now reported to be 20,000, which is double the previous amounts. “

PS5 UK stock news for May 2021

Perhaps the biggest month ever for PS5 restocks in the UK (Image: SONY)

Argos usually drops the stock in the early hours of the morning, while the previous replenishment goes live at 1am.

The major retailer offered ‘click and collect’ with previous PS5 restocks, and if you find that stock is running up lightning fast, it may be a little different next time.

The @ PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted, “In addition to Ireland’s and UK’s split in Argos’s upcoming May 11th drop, there are some plans for the UK side of things. Areas / regions previously had less inventory compared to other regions get more stock this time. “

The PS5 stock tracker account also provided news of the next John Lewis replenishment, which is rumored to go live around the time of the Argos replenishment.

The @ PS5StockAlertUK Twitter said, “John Lewis expects PlayStation 5 shipments to arrive between May 3-8. There is no stock count information. They should go live with a drop between May 11-13.”

The upcoming PS5 restocks in May come from a surprise addition to Smyths Toys in late April, which “many” PS5 stock hunters were successful with.

According to the PS5 Stock UK Twitter, Click and Retrieve was available in “tons of locations” with the most recent Smyths Toys stock.

Sounds like it, with the last Smyths stock drop, it was real PS5 fans rather than scalpers who had the last laugh – and hopefully this trend will continue with the upcoming May restocks.

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