Harada’s Bar dealt with diversity and social research in games

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Lead producer of the Tekken series Katsuhiro Harada has one new episode from his talk show, Harada’s Bar. This week’s guest was a multimedia personality and former Hudson Soft director Takahashi Meijin. The two discussed inclusivity and diversity in the industry, societal control, and parents who used games as scapegoats in the past.

At around 10:30 am of the Harada’s Bar video below, Meijin and Harada discussed the current climate of video games and the industry from a societal perspective. Both men talked about how parents and society used games as scapegoats for every problem. Meijin even joked about the blog he wrote, “You Blame Video Games For Everything.”

Harada said a current hot topic in the industry is inclusivity and diversity, not only with regard to in-game representation, but also with regard to development personnel. Specific to Harada, he said the subject of character gender ratio often comes up in his games. Meijin said this kind of control is a good thing for the industry. He explained that the society that wants these standards in games is an indication that the industry matters to a significant degree. Meijin explained that if society didn’t take a closer look at video games, it would mean that no one would care about the industry.

Finally, Harada brought up research from a North American university measuring players’ brain activity. By recording heat signatures in the brain, the study found that players were very active mentally in games in which they were challenged. Harada said fighting games are great for this because the game flow constantly stimulates the brain during matches with other players.

Harada’s Bar releases new episodes weekly on its YouTube channel. Katsuhiro Harada has had guests ranging from esports players to the father of PlayStation.

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