PS Plus vs Games with Gold May 2021: Microsoft takes a SHOCK win over Sony

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PS Plus vs Games with Gold in May 2021 (Image: SONY)

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold releases have been announced by Sony and Microsoft.

The new batch of Xbox Games with Gold titles includes Dungeons 3 and Armello on Xbox One, as well as LEGO Batman and Tropico 4 on Xbox 360.

Armello and LEGO Batman are out now, while Dungeons 3 and Tropico 4 will be available May 16.

On PlayStation Plus, Sony has announced that the PS5 version of Wreckfest will be added to the lineup on May 4.

The destruction derby game will be available alongside the PlayStation 4 editions of Battlefield 5 and Stranded Deep.

With the PS Plus and Games with Gold titles about to be released, now seems like a good time to take Sony against Xbox in a battle for the free games.

PlayStation Plus dominated Games with Gold in 2021, so it will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s Games with Gold service can strike back.

Judging by the lineup, it looks like another win for Sony, but maybe Microsoft’s lineup is full of hidden gems.

Wreck party: “Burn rubber, break rules and shred metal in this full-contact racer from the creator of the FlatOut. Race and upgrade patched cars, improve their looks and enhance their body armor to survive the epic crashes and neck-and-neck. Fight across the finish line in competitive races.

“Enjoy some hilarity in the Challenge modes as you get behind the wheel of harvesters, tricycles and more, then challenge your friends online in multiplayer up to 24 players.”

Battlefield 5: Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series traces back to its origins in an unprecedented rendition of World War 2. Experience all-out multiplayer ** with your team in the massive Grand Operations and the cooperative Combined Arms, or play War Stories for one player.

“As you fight in epic, unexpected locations around the world, enjoy the richest, most immersive Battlefield ever.”

Stranded deeply: “Test your survival skills in this open-world adventure. In the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast Pacific Ocean. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive.

Explore underwater and on land as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and hideouts you need to stay alive. the dangerous creatures of the Pacific. “

Armello wrote: “A grim fairytale board game comes to life. This tough adventure brings together the deep tactics of card games and the rich strategy of table games, all combined in a character-building RPG.

Dungeons 3: Help the Dungeon Lord conquer in this real-time dungeon-building strategy game. Take the front line under the command of his supreme lieutenant, the dark elf Thalya, and command the most terrifying army the world has ever had. seen.

Choose from orcs, succubae, zombies and more, and use every trick in the book to take down the benefactors of the overworld once and for all!

Lego Batman: He’s revenge … He’s the night … He’s Lego Batman. Build, drive, swing and fight your way through Gotham as the caped crusader and his sidekick, Robin. And, in a gameplay twist, play as the villains in the story mode and help with their nefarious plans to take over the city.

Tropico 4: As El Presidente, the ruler of your small island state, your job is to get the support of the people, negotiate with foreign superpowers, and even deal with natural disasters that threaten your country.

“Test your political mettle and remember everyone has an agenda, so while it’s good to keep your friends close, it’s better to keep your enemies closer.”

While Battlefield 5 is the most popular release, Wreckfest is actually the highest-rated game on the list.

Wreckfest has a score of 82% on Metacritic, compared to 73% for Battlefield 5 and 64% for Stranded Deep.

On Xbox One, Armello has an impressive Metacritic score of 80%. Dungeons 3, on the other hand, has a score of 72%.

The Xbox 360 games are comparable, scoring 76% for LEGO Batman and 77% for Tropico 4.

In terms of a winner, while I think the PlayStation Plus is the more exciting of the two, the numbers don’t lie. For the first time this year, Xbox Games with Gold takes victory.

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