Red Sonja multiverse event Sonjaversal expands at Dynamite Entertainment

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Dynamite Entertainment has announced it Red Sonja multiverse event Sonjaversal is set to expand from the first five-issue miniseries run, with writer Christopher Hastings (Incredible Gwenpool) and artist Pasquale Qualano (Dejah Thoris) return for a whole new storyline (and / or jump on point for new readers) to start with Sonjaversal # 6 this July.





With the opening story pulling open the metaphorical toy box introducing an endless expanse of Sonja’s struggle for the fate of the universe, the team will now zoom in on certain Sonjas in a more episodic format.

Noir Sonja makes her somber debut in this song! She follows someone who makes a huge splash in the criminal underworld – the only problem is that they are dead. Actually she has more problems, as a whole new attack from alternative Sonja’s throws her research off the map.

“I like to play with genre, and this arc is all about mixing Red Sonja’s sword and wizardry with noir, then gothic horror, then space opera and 80s action movies. It’s great,” said writer Christopher Hastings.

Sonjaversal # 6 will go on sale in July 2021.

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