Vampirella is launching a new storyline Red Mass in July

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The countdown to the most unholy union in history begins in July as the new ‘Red Mass’ storyline kicks off on the pages of Vampirella # 23; check out the cover design of the song by Lucio Parrillo, Marco Mastrazzo, Shannon Maer, Warren Louw and cosplayer Lorraine …

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After finally returning to Earth from her interstellar adventure, Vampirella rescues a child from certain death, while unconsciously giving life to the greatest evil the world has ever seen! CHRISTOPHER PRIEST and ERGUN GUNDUZ’s epic run is about to peak!

. Dynamite’s Dejah Thoris, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Barbarella and Bettie Page cosplay covers for July 2021 revealed

Vampirella # 23 will go on sale in July 2021.

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