BT broadband will be significantly cheaper for millions of customers from next month

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BT is launching a new broadband plan starting next month that costs just £ 15 per month (Image: BT • GETTY)

BT makes it much cheaper for millions of customers to get broadband in their homes. The UK Internet Service Provider (ISP) has confirmed it will launch a brand new bundle next month that will give those with Universal Credit the chance to get broadband for just £ 15 a month – that’s about half the price of BT’s standard connection.

The new service, called BT Home Essentials, offers speeds of around 36Mbps, which isn’t the most impressive of internet access, but still means you can download a Full HD movie in about 17 minutes. Those who sign up also get 700 minutes of free calls.

If that doesn’t sound enough for your needs, eligible customers can opt for higher average speeds of 67 Mbps and full unlimited calling. This more premium option costs £ 20 a month, which is still significantly cheaper than BT’s standard plans.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer division, said of the new plans: “Fast, reliable connectivity has never been more important than it is now, with millions of people relying on our networks to get back on their feet after the pandemic.

“We want to help as many people as possible. That’s why we’re launching BT Home Essentials at the end of June, making us more eligible for our social rate so that all customers with Universal Credit can be included. BT Home Essentials will be available for half the price of our standard fiber package, potentially saving four million low-income households on bills and staying connected to essential online services. “

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The new cheap tariff comes because BT research has found that since the pandemic, nearly three-quarters of Britons would not find it easy to improve their financial situation without connectivity, and the majority of financially vulnerable people rely on broadband connectivity for their finances. of their household. .

BT is now following Virgin Media who launched something similar last year.

Virgin’s Essential broadband plan offers an internet connection at a much lower price. Virgin launched this ‘Essential’ service to help people who are in financial difficulties in these turbulent times.

The new plan includes unlimited broadband for £ 15 per month, with Virgin stating there is no fixed-term contract to sign and the promise of no price increases.

Virgin’s Essential broadband is available to anyone who receives Universal Credit and customers who can request this service at a discount from Virgin’s website.

To be eligible, you must provide proof of your universal credit to clients and then receive confirmation that their application was successful before transferring to the plan.

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