Exclusive editions of The Art of Street Fighter Hardcover and Udon will be released in July

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Pre-orders for hardcover editions of Udon Entertainment’s The Art of Street Fighter will be open ahead of the books ‘debut in July 2021. In any case, the series’ most recognizable heroine is on the cover. The standard hardcover edition features Chun-Li with Cammy and Rose. Meanwhile, Udon’s exclusive online edition Chun-Li puts on a bathing suit.

The standard hardcover edition will be widely available. It is 448 pages long and art inspired from it Street fighter I-IV. It costs $ 59.99.

Here is the full cover of the book.

the art of street fighter chun-li hardcover

The exclusive version of the book on the Udon Store will be more comprehensive. The cover features an wraparound design inspired by a Chun-Li swimsuit pin-up drawn by Akiman. It doesn’t just give you the 448-page book, either. It also includes a double-sided poster of Akiman Shadaloo’s Secret Headquarters. (One side is in English and the other in Japanese.) However, it is the more expensive option. It costs $ 100.

Here’s a closer look at the Udon Store’s special edition, complete with poster.

Udon Entertainment
the art of street fighter chun-li 2

Udon was originally published The Art of Street Fighter back in August 2014. That version was a paperback edition. It has since been out of print. As a result, people may find that it goes for over $ 90 used through other retailers.

The Art of Street Fighter hardcover and Udon Store exclusive editions will ship on July 20, 2021.

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