MLB The Show 21 Servers: Third consecutive week of server maintenance scheduled

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MLB The Show 21 down – Server maintenance rescheduled (Image: SONY)

MLB The Show 21 servers are going down again on PlayStation and Xbox consoles today. As with previous MLB downtimes, server maintenance is scheduled for 4 AM, which is 7 AM East and 12 AM BST. The official MLB The Show Twitter has advised fans to check out all games before then.

The MLB The Show Twitter announced the server downtime: “Server maintenance is scheduled for 4am PT Monday 5/3/21. Complete all games before then. Thanks.”

The final batch of server maintenance comes after the downtime was scheduled for both days on the weekend.

MLB The Show 21 downtime was scheduled almost daily last week.

While today’s round of server maintenance is the third week in a row that downtime has occurred.

The launch week of MLB The Show 21 had a lot of server maintenance planned, which came after a release day when a large number of players reported experiencing an ‘unhandled server exception’ network error message.

On Friday, the MLB The Show said on Twitter that a game update and server update had been released intended to fix a number of issues.

The account tweeted, “Game Update 3 and Server Update @ 4 AM PT on 4/30/21 includes: Increased progression on Ballplayer basics. Search features in the Stadium Creator Vault.

“Timesheet download error fix. And more.”

While previously the @MLBTheShow Twitter said addressing server performance was a priority for the team.

The account wrote, “Our priority is to improve the stability and performance of our server. While we continue to work on these issues, we will be extending Double XP until further notice.

“Thank you all for your reports and your continued patience.”

MLB The Show 21 server maintenance

MLB The Show 21 server is serviced for the third week in a row (Image: SONY)

MLB The Show 21 launched on April 20, and servers are likely dealing with record player numbers.

That’s because, for the first time ever, the Sony-made MLB series has arrived on Xbox consoles.

In addition to launching for PS4 and PS5, MLB The Show 21 is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Making MLB The Show only appear on Xbox consoles for the first time would be enough to bring in a huge amount of new players.

But MLB The Show 21 also came out on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Xbox Game Pass has an estimated 23 million subscribers, and this double whammy of Xbox news has likely added server thrills.

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