Threezero unveils New Evangelion Prototype Unit-00 figure in the works

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Threezero has images disclosed of his forthcoming Evangelion Prototype Unit-00 figure. The new release is part of Threezero’s “ROBO-DOU” line of high-end mecha figures and is modeled after the Rebuilding Evangelion version of Unit-00. Information on pricing and further details will be released shortly. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

This is the third Evangelion mecha figure in the company’s line-up, after Unit-01 and Unit-02. Unit 00 is in a defensive stance in the revealed image, with the Enchanted Shield of Virtue. The figure also comes with a detachable umbilical cord, similar to prev Evangelion figures released by Threezero.

Threezero, a Hong Kong-based figure manufacturer, ships its products worldwide. The “ROBO-DOU” line of mecha figures uses a cast metal alloy that allows for fine articulation and adds considerable weight. The Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition The collection, in particular, offers a wide variety of customization options, such as hand positioning, weapons, headgear and a removable input plug. The Unit-01 figure even has an interchangeable shoulder section to store a progressive blade.

In other Evangelion merchandise news, Good Smile Company recently revealed two new figures of Shinji and Kaworu in yukata. Rei also recently received a figure based on her appearance in Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 (Note: contains spoilers for the movie).

There is currently no confirmed price or release date for the Unit-00 grade. Both the Unit-01 and Unit-02 Previously released figures are priced at $ 128 and $ 129, respectively. Details on pricing and scheduled ship date should be released shortly.

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