Apex Legends DOWN as Season 9 hits servers

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Apex Legends servers are temporarily unavailable (Image: EA)

Apex Legends servers are down tonight, and it’s all Valkyrie’s fault. The launch of a new season is always a busy time, and the arrival of Apex Season 9 has made the game’s infrastructure more difficult.

The good news is that Respawn is aware of the current situation and is trying to fix it as soon as possible. And with the issues fixed in the rollout of the new update, it looks like things will return to normal relatively quickly.

A message from Respawn explains, “We are currently working on some service issues in @playapex due to high demand. We are on it and will get players to games ASAP!”

While we know that the launch of Apex Legends Season 9 has rocked the server tonight, we don’t know how long the game will be offline.

As gamers have noted, some won’t be able to log into their account tonight, while others end up in glitchy matches.

One user writes, “NY Server works, the game just moves in slow motion and glitchy, however, I wouldn’t recommend jumping into a game right away.”

Highlights of what can be played after servers are back online are below for Apex Legends Season 9:

Arenas – A permanent 3v3 game mode in which the goal is to win three rounds without dropping more than one round to your opponent, or continue until a team moves forward two rounds. Win or lose, each round starts fresh with basic equipment and some materials to spend on weapons and upgrades. Matches take place on five maps, some in familiar locations and others in brand new ones. In Arenas, players will battle it out in existing BR locations from Kings Canyon, World’s Edge and Olympus, as well as two custom maps, Party Crasher and Phase Runner, with more to come in the future.

New Legend: Valkyrie – Unleash a swarm of missiles to damage and disorient the enemy, or if it gets too hot, use Valkyrie’s Ultimate to quickly escape to heaven – take her entire team when they hook up with something to prove and ready to rain death from above.

New Weapon: Bocek – A new powerful and deadly weapon capable of dealing massive damage at medium range is also coming in the games. The Bocek Arch is not an ancient relic; players can increase effectiveness with two hop-up slots – the Deadeye’s Tempo that allows for faster draw, while Shatter Caps burst arrows when fired. Both hop-ups can be used at the same time to really terrorize enemy squads.

Olympus Map Updates – A rogue fleet of ships from space has breached Psamathe’s atmosphere, and a ship called The Icarus is docked at Olympus, bringing with it a viscous, parasitic plant of unknown origin. New drop locations and changed sightlines change gameplay for players on the map.

Battle Pass – The Legacy Battle Pass offers unique rewards such as Apex Packs, XP Boosts and skins; skins like the Crafty Kitsune Rampart or the Legendary Demon’s Whisper Wraith keep players looking good while outsmarting opponents. At level 100, players will unlock the legendary Reactive Bound in Bone Devotion with a host of other exciting rewards along the way: music packs, loading screens, skydive emotes, quips and more.

Standings – World’s Edge is back for the first split to end, while the second split takes the league to Olympus, where it will play for the rest of the season. Over the past season, there has been a healthy trend of players reaching higher ranks and pushing personal bests leading to improved match quality and quantity, so the main ranked and RP systems will remain the same.

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