Apex Legends Season 9 – Release time in the Philippines

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For those of you excited about the 9th season of the Apex Games, here’s some good news! The release date for Apex Legends Season 9 is set for March 5 at exactly 1am in the Philippines. The update for the next season is now available for download.

So if you want to get these as early as possible, this is the best chance you will get to download and install the update. Although the download appears to be only available for the PS4 as we tested it from now on. It’s unknown if Xbox can download the 23 GB update file, but for now, Switch and PC players will have to wait.

For those who are eager to roll up their sleeves Valkyrie, be sure to read our impressions, tips and tricks about the upcoming Legend. Make sure to prepare for Apex Legends Season 9 release time!

For those excited about details of what’s to come in Season 9, we have articles to get you up to speed. Check them out for our impressions of this upcoming season as we had the chance to try it out a week earlier.

Season 9 will undoubtedly be the biggest season yet. With its permanent 3v3 mode, combat is about to get much faster than ever. Featuring legends finally having the ability to emotion, changes to the care pack’s weapon roster, and a return to World’s Edge! Oh, and don’t miss the chance to try out the new Bocek weapon as this sniper weapon will no doubt be a game changer for those who have keen aim and relentless precision.

Apex Legends is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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