Destruction AllStars Season 1 release date, time, update patch notes, AllStar Pass, Alba

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Destruction AllStars Season One (Image: SONY)

After months of regular competition, Destruction AllStars, a PlayStation exclusive, is finally launching its first competitive season.

Destruction AllStars Season One – titled Hotshots – has a May 5 release date on PS4 and PlayStation 5. Express Online will update this article with the launch time as soon as it is officially announced.

As part of the new season, the multiplayer racing game introduces a whole host of new items and cosmetics.

That’s in addition to a brand new character named Alba, who is described as a Destruction AllStars veteran looking for a return.

“She’s a fierce competitor from Scotland who brings a clear sense of determination to the arena along with a high-tech armor suit.

“We will learn more about Alba through her Challenge Series, which will be released alongside Season One.”

According to Sony, Alba is calling blockers out of the ground for her on foot. The blockers can be used to stop vehicles and direct traffic away from Alba, as well as single power-ups and cars.

Elsewhere, Alba’s hero vehicle is called Claymore, which is capable of using a laser beam that sweeps and damages AllStars or vehicles in the area of ​​impact.

“These beams can be deployed tactically as you approach an enemy player, or in response to an enemy hero vehicle approaching you.”

As with games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, the new season of Destruction AllStars will launch alongside a Battle Pass.

Unlockable rewards include legendary skins, emotes, avatars, banners and shouts.

“With Alba returning to the game, our AllStars have decided to roll out the red carpet and get dressed for the occasion.

“You’ll see lots of black ties and skirts in the AllStar Pass as our AllStars get ready to welcome a renowned veteran. Some of our AllStars have gone even further, with two Legendary skins and a Heroic skin available in the AllStar. Pass. to really stand out from the crowd. “

Players can unlock the rewards by earning Season Points by completing Challenges and playing online matches.

In addition to new characters and rewards, Sony is gearing up to introduce a new photo mode and game mode later in the season.

Photo mode is only available in single player and allows players to add stickers, frames and filters to enhance the image.

Blitz mode, on the other hand, is described as an evolution of Mayhem, with shorter, more intense action rounds.

“To add more tactical decision-making between rounds, players must choose a new AllStar at the start of each round!

“This is where it really starts to get tactical. In Blitz, your Character Ability and Hero Vehicle energy are transferred from the previous round. You can use this energy loop to start your next round with a significant advantage.

“Do you choose an AllStar with an aggressive hero vehicle and cause carnage in the first seconds or do you play your cards close to your chest and activate your character power in the last moments for a dramatic comeback? Make sure the AllStars you choose are robust and be able to withstand anything the competition might throw at you. “

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