Don’t Open These Texts From Amazon, Argos And Asda – Three Mobile Problems Important Warning

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Three Mobile has issued a new warning to customers (Image: GETTY)

UK smartphone owners need to remain vigilant as dangerous text scams continue to spread across the country. Just last week, Vodafone warned its customers to watch out for text messages claiming to be from delivery company DHL, with the mobile network saying the “attacks will increase very quickly.”

Shortly after this warning from Vodafone, reported that even more consumers were targeted by these delivery texts with a flurry of messages appearing on devices.

And now, carrier Three is warning its customers about a new version of the threat and even launched a special web page with a new warning about the dangers of the FluBot malware. Three says it is aware of a growing number of fake text messages, claiming to come not only from delivery companies, but also from popular supermarkets and online retailers, including ASDA, Argos and Amazon.

“We are aware that a significant number of people in the UK are targeted by a text message that has been forged as if it came from a delivery service,” explains Three. While initial reports claimed to be from DHL, the scam has also taken over other corporate brands, including Asda, Amazon and Argos, to name a few.

“This fraudulent attack affects all network operators, and as an industry, we encourage customers to be vigilant and cautious when clicking on links received in a text message.”

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The simple texts try to trick unsuspecting users into clicking a link that then downloads nasty FluBot malware that allows cyber thieves to steal personal information, including online banking credentials.

It’s worth noting that this threat only works on Android devices and Apple’s iPhone is currently not at risk. This is because of the way the malware is downloaded and installed through something called an APK.

Unlike Apple, which only allows apps to be installed from the official App Store, Android is a much more open platform where users can add additional software to their devices outside of the Google Play Store. It’s one thing that many Android users love about owning these phones as it makes them feel less constrained, but it can also have serious consequences.

If you have an Android phone and think you clicked the link, it is essential to act quickly. In its warning to customers, Three says, “If you received the message and clicked the link and downloaded the file on an Android device, be aware that your contacts, text messages, and online banking information (if any) have been accessed and that they may now be under the control of the fraudster. “

“We strongly recommend that you do a factory reset immediately. Failure to do so may expose you to a fraudster who has access to personal data. When you set up the device after the reset, it may ask you to whether you want to restore from a backup. “You should avoid restoring from backups created after downloading the app, as they will also be infected.”

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