Fable reboot confirmed to use ForzaTech as game engine

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A new post from LinkedIn has confirmed that the upcoming Xbox exclusive Fable Reboot will use a certain type of game engine.

Fable reboot confirmed to use ForzaTech as game engineFable reboot confirmed to use ForzaTech as game engine

According to Twitter user J Singh, a LinkedIn post from Turn 10 Studios revealed that the upcoming rebooted title will use the ForzaTech game engine. This was a post promoting the game engine and describing how it was used by the developer Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon series. It also stated that it has added new features such as ray tracing and support for the next-gen consoles.

At the end of the post, it was revealed that the studio will be using the game engine to support the upcoming open-world action RPG called Fable. This is the reboot title every Xbox fan is looking forward to.

Using the ForzaTech game engine will work wonders for the game as it can add day cycles, weather conditions, ray tracing, and now support for next-generation consoles.

Fable Reboot is still a mystery, but it should launch on Xbox Series X / S and PC. The developers are still Playground Studios, but Turn 10 Studios could lend them their game engine.

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