Following Sky Q’s Line Of Duty update, viewers can now also try out these new Star Wars features

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Sky Q users can use these quotes to turn speed to the Star Wars landing page (Image: SKY • GETTY)

Those smart people at Sky TV are at it again! Less than 48 hours after the satellite broadcaster added some neat new tricks Line of duty fans to test ahead of Sunday night’s highly anticipated Series Six Finals, the Sky team is already back with some more topics. To celebrate Star Wars day today – May 4th like in “May The Fourth Be With You …” you know? – the team has announced some new tricks to try with Sky Q.

Like the Line of duty tricks for it, the Star Wars treats revolve around some new voice commands. Sky Q now comes standard with a Voice Remote. By holding down the big blue button in the center of the remote, Sky TV fans can search for their favorite shows and movies, Hollywood directors, and jump to channels with a few words. That saves you a lot of time typing with the alphanumeric keyboard, which is only good. Not only that, but you can also jump to movies by shouting some iconic quotes to the remote. For example, if you bark ‘Show Me The Money’ it will take you straight to the Jerry Maguire listing in the Sky Cinema or Sky Store.

This new Star Wars theme voice commands take Sky Q viewers to a brand new landing page called Out Of This World.

Whether you want to watch Anakin podracing with on Tatooine, looking for Death Star plans with Jyn Erso, or take an animated journey through the Clone Wars, just say fan-favorite phrases like, ‘that’s not a moon’, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” or “long ago in a galaxy far, far …” in your remote to be transported to the specially curated landing page for all things Star Wars.

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As you’d expect, Out Of This World brings together Star Wars movies and shows from Sky Cinema, channels from Sky and Disney +.

To browse the best of Star Wars available on your Sky Q box, these are the quotes and phrases pre-programmed to open the new landing page:

· “May the 4th be with you.”

· “May the Force be with you.”

· “To do or not to do. There is no attempt.”

“No, I am your father!”

· “There is always a bigger fish.”

“That’s not a moon!”

“These are not the droids you are looking for.”

So this is how freedom dies. With thunderous applause. “

“Easy, Chewie!”

· “I am one with the Force. The Force is with me. “

“Long ago in a galaxy far, far away …”

Next Star Wars and Line of duty, there is one more show that gets this special voice command treatment.

To coincide with the tenth anniversary of the epic fantasy show airing in the UK, Sky Q now has over 25 fan favorite quotes and phrases from Game of Thrones. Using any of these quotes will send viewers to a specially designed ‘destination center’ where Sky brings it all together Game of Thrones content. You can find all commands here.

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