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Fortnite Update 3.15 PATCH NOTES: Surprise download fix explosive issue on PlayStation

Fortnite update patch notes (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite fans can download a new update on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android.

Fortnite update 3.15 isn’t necessarily a major patch, so don’t expect any new content or major new gameplay changes.

On the plus side, the new update doesn’t require server downtime, so you won’t miss out on a lot of action.

According to the patch notes, the new update fixes an annoying problem, particularly with Raz’s Explosive Bow.

Needless to say, the update also makes several stability improvements and fixes one or two cosmetic issues.

Epic Games explains more: “We released a maintenance patch on all platforms to fix cosmetic issues, stability and an issue that sometimes prevents players from picking up Raz’s Explosive Bow.

“As part of today’s maintenance patch, the unfinished style has been removed from the Tsuki outfit. The completed style will appear in a future update.”

As noted by Fortnite dataminer ShiinaBR, the new download seemingly adds one or two new items to the game files.

“A new file called” BroccoliHacks “http://feedproxy.google.com/” BroccoliEmoteSync “has been added to the files in today’s minor update,” tweets ShiinaBR.

“As far as I know, no other file points to something code-named” Broccoli “, so this could be a currently encrypted emote!”

After the update’s release, the Wake Rider skin joined the item store for 1,200 V-Bucks.

The latest download will be launched on all platforms just a few days after the release of update 16.30.

The previous download also introduced a brand new Exotic Bow, while the remaining Primal, Makeshift and Bows were added to Creative.

Interestingly, the new update has made a handful of improvements to inventory and inventory management.

“You can now hold the Inventory button with a Craftable item in your hand to jump straight to the Crafting tab and hit Accept,” explains Epic. “No more navigation menus in a firefight!

“Inspecting an item now displays exact number values ​​for stats such as damage and rate of fire.”

Elsewhere, fans can now unlock the Neymar Jr skin, as well as a whole host of alternate costumes and items.

You can unlock the Neymar Jr items by completing challenges, many of which are related to football.

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