Muv-Luv Verse English trailer introduces the virtual space

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It Muv-Luv series, from the games to the manga and anime. Now there is a new English video that deals with one of the more social elements, Except Luv-vers. This is an online experience that is currently in the version 0.5 phase in Japan. The aim is to provide an online space where people can participate in experiences and mini-games related to the series and the characters.

This Except Luv-vers English trailer starts by looking at which version 0.5 of the website can do. It mentions how people can make videos. Then it refers to the coming Muv-Luv Projekt Mikhail spin-off game and Except Luv alternative anime adaptation. Next we talk about messaging methods. Details of things to come are also mentioned in both the video and the description. While the video was about minigames and streams, the description mentioned new ways to communicate or spend money. There could be, for example Muv-Luv NFTs to buy or AIs to interact with when you go there Except Luv-vers. An image of gacha machines also appeared.

Here’s the full Except Luv-vers English trailer. However, it does not show actual images of the experience.

Muv-Luv and Except Luv alternative are available worldwide on the PlayStation Vita and PC and on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as in Japan. Project Mikhail is in development for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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