Rainbow Six Siege Update: Apocalypse Event Time News and Patch Notes

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The new Rainbow Six Siege event starts today (Image: UBISOFT)

Ubisoft has launched a new Rainbow Six Siege update that must be downloaded if you want to play the new Apocalypse event today.

This week’s R6 patch is small in size, which means it shouldn’t take you long to get up to date.

The update is aimed at removing bugs and improving performance on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

It also tries to balance a number of operators, including Jackal, Ace, Jager, and Tachanka, adding new scope options to the Designated Marksman Rifle (ATTACKERS).

The full list of changes can be found at the bottom of this article and is worth reading before the new Rainbow Six Siege event kicks off today.

We don’t know there’s a time for when everything kicks off today, but we expect the Apocalypse event to be live at 7pm BST.

The Apocalypse event starts on May 4 and ends on May 18 on all platforms.

During the event, two clans compete for the latest precious resources following the collapse of society.

The official description reads: “Humanity’s dependence on wasteful energy brought the downfall of society as we know it. After a major meltdown of the reactor, the water became polluted, agricultural crops were destroyed and the air was poisoned. Few survivors. From the few that have been spared, two clans emerge led by fierce leaders. “


The Keepers, a group of hopeful warriors led by the spiritual seer. They hope that humanity can start over and come back better than ever before.

Maestro – Melusi – Smoke – Smoke – Valkyrie


The Warband, a clan of scavengers who roam the world and never stay in one place for too long. Led by the general, these free spirits have only one thing in mind: take everything with them to survive.

Fuze – Gridlock – Maverick – Nomad – Twitch

These two clans are looking for the last plant on Earth, whose radioactive soil has the ability to grow more. Whoever has it has the power to regrow life on Earth. Who will hold the key to mankind’s new beginnings after 100 years of global drought?

Apocalypse is an in-game event where you fight for the plant in a version of Outback set after the End Time. Go on the attacking team to defuse the container containing the plant itself or opt for the defense to protect it until the time runs out.

As defenders you have the option to move the container around the map. As an attacker, you can activate specific scanner rooms to know if a defender is present. Either way, if you want to get a win, you can always get the other team out of the way completely.




  • Smoke grenades replaced with Claymore

  • The SELMA Aqua Breacher destroys Mira’s Black Mirror window


  • The capacity of the C7E magazine has been reduced to 25 + 1 bullets (from 30 + 1)

  • Reduced C7E damage to 42 (from 46)


  • Warehouse capacity 416-C reduced to 25 + 1 (from 30 + 1)

  • The vertical kick of the 416-C has been increased


Shumikha Launcher

  • Magazine capacity increased to 7 (from 5)

  • Burn time has been increased to 7 s (from 5 s)

  • Detonation time has been reduced to 0.75 s (from 1 s)

  • Increased firing radius to 1.9 m (from 1.7 m)

  • The projectile “distance to fall” has been increased to 20 m (from 8 m)

  • Increased projectile speed to 30 (from 20)


  • Gear time has been reduced to 0.65 s (from 0.9 s)

  • Gear duration has been reduced to 0.3 s (from 0.42 s)


  • Claymore replaced with smoke grenades



Designated sniper rifle (attackers)

  • Removed access to 1.0x ranges

  • Provided access to 1.5x, 2.0x and 2.5x scopes

  • 3.0x added as default scope


Removal of tactical realism

  • The Tactical Realism playlist type has been removed from Custom Games.

  • Added interface preferences to the Options menu that allows players to enable and disable some HUD parameters.

  • All tactical realism playlists saved by players will be deleted.

Ubisoft Connect

  • The Stats micro app is coming to the Ubisoft Connect overlay.

  • Find out your statistics and compare them with your friends.

  • Discover your playing style as an attacker and as a defender.

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