Sony smothered Crossplay in a letter to Epic, proposing third parties pay for the privilege

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We all know that Sony wasn’t (and probably still isn’t) a huge fan of crossplay, and now we have a little insight into the behind-the-scenes bickering over PlayStation crossplay before finally admitting in 2018. of the great Epic vs. Apple lawsuit that started today Epic shared a rather revealing email exchange they had onxw with Gio Corsi, the then head of Sony developer relations – Epic is trying to sell Fortnite crossplay as a win-win, but Corsi is because they had none of it, she said that crossplay was “not a slam dunk” regardless of the game involved and that no one, including Epic, properly explained how it would improve their Playstation business. You can read both letters, courtesy of Tom Warren of The Verge, below (Epic’s letter is on the right, Sony’s answer is on the left).

Around the same time, it appears that Sony has also proposed a crossplay revenue sharing scheme – in fact, if 85 percent or more of a crossplay game’s online revenue was generated on PlayStation, nothing extra would have to be paid . If less than 85 percent of online revenue were generated on PlayStation, an additional royalty would be paid. This may sound backward, but it seems like Sony’s logic was that they deserved to have almost the whole pie, and if they didn’t get it, they had to be compensated. Bold move.

It’s not known at this point if this revenue-sharing arrangement is still in place (or ever was), or if Epic and other third parties told Sony to take a walk. Anyway, here’s the deal …

Fascinating stuff. Obviously, crossplay is now a pretty universal thing, even on PlayStation, and the skies haven’t fallen, but it’s interesting to see Sony’s stance before things changed.

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