Spice Girls reunite with Victoria Beckham for the sequel to the movie Spice World

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Next year marks the 25th anniversary of the infamous 1997 girl band film. The band was at the peak of their worldwide success and Spice World won $ 100 million at the box office. Just a year later Geri sensationally quit the band and the other four quit in 2000. But now it is reported that Geri is the driving force behind a sequel to the big screen.

The new report said: “The girls have talked about how to celebrate the film’s anniversary and are actively considering making an ironic sequel. “

Apparently Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C are already on board.

Also known as Posh Spice, Victoria has famously turned down offers to reunite with the band on recent tours, most recently in 2019.

Spice Girls reunion for Spice World movie sequel (Image: GETTY)

Spice World movie starring Richard E Grant

Spice World movie starring Richard E Grant (Image: FS)


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While Victoria has made it clear that she no longer wants to perform on stage, this time there is hope that she will agree to appear on screen.

The report added: “They have approached a screenwriter who is considering working on the project and taking cautious steps forward.

“It’s still in its early stages, but they’re talking to established names in the industry, which proves they’re serious about making a comeback to the big screen.”

The previous film featured guest appearances from, among others, Richard E. Grant, Meatloaf, Barry Humphries, Roger Moore, Alan Cumming, Hugh Lawrie, and Stephen Fry.

It was also packed with cameos.

Spice Girls;  Will Victoria Beckham be in the Spice World movie?

Spice Girls; Will Victoria Beckham be in the Spice World movie? (Image: GETTY)

Elton John, Bob Hoskins and Bob Geldoff appeared as themselves.

The film followed the band in fictional antics around London (often on the iconic Spice Girls double-decker bus) as they attempted to go to a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

At the time, the Spice Girls were one of the biggest bands in the world because fans were captivated by Spicemania. Debut album DSpice from 1996 and its 1997 follow-up Spiceworld sold 37 million copies.

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