Star Wars title from Microsoft Rumored, Lucasfilm Games allegedly closing “many” deals

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Today is every geek’s favorite artificial marketing holiday May 4th, and yet there isn’t that much Star Wars gaming news to celebrate today (at least not yet). Well, just because there haven’t been many big announcements today doesn’t mean big things aren’t happening behind the scenes! After years of being associated with Electronic Arts, Lucasfilm has recently shown more willingness to expand when it comes to video games, and according to wanton rumor master Jeff Grubb, “a lot” is in the works, including possibly a partnership with Microsoft! Here’s what he had to say on the last episode of The Game Mess Show

What I’ve heard is […] Lucasfilm Games, they make a lot of deals on Star Wars games. They put many things into action. That means things with EA, but I really believe they are trying to build partnerships across the industry. There are rumors that companies like Microsoft are trying to get a Star Wars game. Maybe the Mandalorian, I don’t know if that’s at Microsoft. What I’m sure is that Lucasfilm has a lot of Star Wars games in the works.

So, when will we hear about these projects? Don’t hold your breath because Lucasfilm is a company that likes to move gently …

The other thing I’m sure about Lucasfilm is that it takes its time. By that I mean it’s a slow process to get everyone on board.

Of course, we already know there are a few Star Wars projects in the works – Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is (hopefully) coming sometime this year, and Ubisoft has announced a Star Wars title from The Division developer Massive Entertainment. EA has also said they will “double” the franchise in the future, and of course there are those Mandalorian game rumors. So even without any new announcements, there’s a lot going on.

What do you think? Is there a Microsoft Star Wars game going on? What kind of video game deals would you like to see Lucasfilm close?

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