TikTok followers glitch shows TikTok users have 0 followers, ask for birthday

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The TikTok follower glitch is causing problems tonight (Image: TIKTOK)

A new outage hit TikTok tonight, preventing users from logging in and those who do experience issues.

This also includes the app telling them they have 0 TikTok followers which can be very alarming.

A user suffering from tonight’s error messages: “Tiktok, sort your app, I had 45.1K followers, and now it says I have 0.”

“Oh … and keep asking for birthdays.”

Another confirms the same problem, adding, “What’s going on? It says I’ve lost 20,000 followers and it keeps asking for my birthday.”

Other users report that they are unable to log in to their accounts and cannot access normal functions. There’s no official word from the app team on why TikTok followers are now at 0 for some users, but this is expected to change if tonight’s outage continues.

TikTok users also report that the app asks them to change their birthdays, but still can’t access the core services after that.

It’s unclear what triggered tonight’s outage or how long it could affect TikTok services.

The good news is that the apparent TikTok Follower wipe is part of tonight’s issues and should correct itself after everything returns to normal.

Thousands of users are complaining that the popular video sharing app is offline and not working tonight. It appears that both the Android and iOS services are offline, leaving many unable to log in and check their feeds.

Independent tracking website DownDetector, which monitors social media listings to track when web services are offline, suggests that thousands of TikTok users are currently experiencing the outage. At the time of writing, there are even some 4,500 complaints that users cannot access the site.

So far, there is no message from the TikTok support team on other social media platforms as to what caused tonight’s outage or why users are seeing the followers disappear and cut to 0.


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