Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unconnected Marketeers debuts on Steam

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Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unrelated Marketers, Team Shanghai Alice is new Touhou project game is on now Steam. A May 2021 release window was promised, and it was launched on May 3, 2021. However, physical copies will not be released in Japan until May 13, 2021. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

While people can buy anywhere Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unrelated Marketers, it is only available in Japanese. An English fan translation patch is not available. While the main menu is in English so people can find their way to the game, extra mode, practice modes, replay and music room, the magic cards with special abilities are in Japanese only. As such, it can be difficult to determine what everyone else is doing unless someone is fluent or working on a fan translation. A demo is available for people to test.

Here’s a trailer for the 18th Touhou project game. People can get a sense of how the shoot’em up plays out. It starts with images of Reimu Hakurei and then moves on to showcase Marisa Kirisame’s abilities. After that, images of Sakuya Izayoi and Sanae Kochiya appear.

Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unrelated Marketers is available immediately on PCs via Steam for $ 14.99. There is Steam Cloud support and a demo.

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