Your old Sony TV will get a fresh new look and more features thanks to Google

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Sony is updating its TVs with new software from Google (Image: SONY)

Owners of Sony TVs are waiting for the next few days and weeks, as these popular televisions are getting a whole new look. The update, which brings new features as well as the redesigned look, is slowly rolling out around the world. The update, which brings Android TV devices much closer to the new Google TV software included with the latest Chromecast set-top box, also provides an easier way to discover content.

Once installed, anyone with a compatible television will see three new tabs: Home, Discover, Apps. These replace the old menu bar and should make it faster and more intuitive to find the shows that interest you the most. Sony says the Explore tab will feature new and exciting content with personalized recommendations based on your viewing history for a wide variety of streaming services.

There are also recommendations based on what you’ve viewed in the past and your interests from your Google account, or trending and popular content in your area. Finally, the tailor-made suggestions are divided into topics and genres, making it easier to find your next favorite movie or show.

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Sony TV update

Sony has emailed customers about the change (Image: SONY)

This change is all thanks to Google whose Android TV operating system, which powers some of Sony’s tellies, got a blockbuster makeover earlier this year. It appears Sony is poised to unleash the changes in homes around the world, with reports emerging that the customers are receiving the upgrade.

An email from the company says, “Your Sony Android TV just got a whole lot better. Search, find, enjoy – it’s all easier with the Enhanced Discovery tab.”

There’s no word on when everyone will be treated to the changes, but if you have a compatible TV you should see a new look coming soon.

According to Which hi-fi, the TVs below should all receive the update soon:


2021: W800

2020: Z9H, Z8H, A9S, A8H, X95H, X92H, X91H, X90H, X85H, X81H, X80H, X75H

2019: Z9G, A9G, A8G, X95G, X90G, X87G, X85G, X83G, X81G, X80G, W80G

2018: A9F, Z9F, A8F, X90F, X87F, X85F, X83F, X80F, X78F, X75F, W80F

2017: A1, X95E, X94E, X93E, X90E, X85E, X82E, X80E, X75E

2016: Z9D, X83D, X80D, S80D, X75D, X70D

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