A SCUF PS5 controller is in the works, Corsair confirms; Expected to be released earlier compared to competing offerings

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A SCUF PS5 controller is in the works, parent company Corsair has confirmed.

While SCUF’s PS4 controllers work on Sony’s PS5 while playing PS4 titles, they won’t work with PS5 games on Sony’s next-generation console. This not only applies to all third-party PS4 controllers, but also to Sony’s own DualShock 4 controller. To date, the only controller that works with PS5 games is Sony’s proprietary DualSense controller, which includes adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technology.

Fortunately, fans of SCUF’s custom controllers will be happy to learn that the company is currently working hard to release a new controller that will also work with PS5 games. The CEO of Scuf’s parent company Corsair, Andy Paul, confirmed this during Corsair’s most recent financial income meeting with investors when asked about PlayStation 5 compatibility.

“Yes. Well, the first thing is, as you probably know, we have a license agreement with Microsoft for Xbox”, Said the CEO of Corsair. And so it’s a slightly different split between Xbox and PS4. In other words, we have higher sales of PS4. So it’s the bulk of SCUF’s sales. 100 million PS4 units versus a few million PS5. So still the vast majority of the demand comes from that segment. ”

While the CEO has not said when the SCUF PS5 controller will be released, he does suspect it will be released quite early compared to offerings from other brands.

“We are clearly working as fast as we can to get out [the] PS5 controller. We have not released when that will be, but I suspect we will be quite early in the market compared to all of our competitors. “

SCUF controllers are among the best custom third-party controllers available in the market. Over the years, we’ve reviewed several of the brand’s controllers and praised their build quality and customizability.

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