Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Rebels Premium Format figure unveiled by Sideshow

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Sideshow Collectibles has marked Star Wars Day with the unveiling of its limited edition 1: 4 scale Ahsoka Tano Premium Format figure based on the character’s appearance in Star Wars Rebels; view the promotional images here …

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Sideshow presents the Ahsoka Tano ™ Premium Format ™ figure, a limited edition Star Wars ™ collectible quarter scale inspired by the journey of the favorite character in Star Wars: Rebels.

The Ahsoka Tano Premium sized figure is 19.5 “tall and 14” wide while the Togruta warrior assumes a battle-ready stance on a Malachor-themed base, with her iconic twin lightsabers at the ready. Surrounded by the crumbling structure of an ancient temple, Ahsoka stabilizes herself to use the Force and her former Jedi Padawan training to face the dangers of the dark side of the galaxy.

The polystone Ahsoka Tano Premium Format figure is fully sculpted to capture the energy and action of her animated presence in a three-dimensional image format. Ahsoka’s vibrant orange portrait bears her distinct white facial markings, and her face is framed by her white and blue patterned montrals and luscious. Her costume consists of a blue-gray bodysuit with sculpted skirts, belts, arm guards, shin guards and detailed brown tassets on her hips. In her hands, her unique white-bladed sabers are sheathed in anticipation of a fateful duel.

The exclusive edition of the Ahsoka Tano Premium Format figure includes a sculpted Morai proximity piece, depicting her beautiful green convor companion perched on a complimenting Malachor rubble base. Show off Morai next to the Togruta Force wheel with this exclusive accessory available only through Sideshow.

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