New Call of Duty is being developed by Sledgehammer Games

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New Call of Duty is being developed by Sledgehammer Games

After numerous rumors about who will develop the new Call of Duty title, and whether or not a new title will be released this year, Activision has confirmed that the new Call of Duty will be developed by Sledgehammer Games.

There have been a lot of rumors in the Call of Duty community lately that Sledgehammer Games would be the studio behind the 2021 title. One of the biggest hints is the pattern that recent studios have followed when it comes to developing a new COD title.

In the early days of Call of Duty, Treyarch and Infinity Ward took turns releasing a new title each year. Then, in 2014, Sledgehammer Games jumped into the mix and released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Since then, the three studios have been cycling for three years. In the latter pattern, however, Sledgehammer skipped their turn. The current COD, Black Ops Cold War, was developed by Treyarch. Last year it was Infinity Ward and the year before it was Treyarch again. Sledgehammer Games hasn’t released a Call of Duty title in 4 years, most recently developing Call of Duty: WWII – so of course they were late for a new release of their own.

Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

During a revenue call from Activision-Blizzard, the company finally confirmed rumors that this year’s game is being developed by Sledgehammer Games. The confirmation comes from Daniel Alegre, Activision-Blizzard’s current president and COO. Alegre made the following comment:

“In particular, we are very excited about this year’s premium Call of Duty release. Development is led by Sledgehammer Games and the game looks great and is on track for the fall release. This is built for the next generation of experience with stunning visuals in campaign, multiplayer and cooperative game modes, designed to both integrate with and enhance the existing COD ecosystem. We look forward to sharing more details with the community soon. “

Daniel Alegre, President and COO, Activison Blizzard

Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other details about this year’s title at this time. However, we have plenty of rumors that the new game will be called Call of Duty: WWII Vanguard. Apparently Vanguard will take place in an alternate reality where World War II never ended.

We will have to wait and see what the new COD title has in store for us. Since the games usually release towards the end of the year, we can expect an official reveal in a few months, and if we’re lucky, an open beta during the summer!

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