PSO2 Yakuza and Space Channel 5 Sega Legacy II scratch cards dated

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PSO2 Yakuza and Space Channel 5 Sega Legacy II scratch cards dated

A new Sega Legacy AC Scratch Ticket is about to appear in the global version of Phantasy Star Online 2. It took a while, but the Yakuza: Like a Dragon outfits are about to appear worldwide. On May 5, 2021, the Sega Legacy II AC scratch cards appear in PSO2 and offer 7th Dragon, Space Channel 5, and Yakuza outfits for people. Each costs 200 AC.

Here’s a list of some of the most notable cosmetic items you can possibly get.

  • Accordie Arms CV (male CAST)
  • Accordion Body CV (male CAST)
  • Accordie Head CV (male CAST)
  • Accordie Legs CV (male CAST)
  • Birdling Face (haircut)
  • Delmarch Arms CV (female CAST)
  • Delmarch Body CV (female CAST)
  • Delmarch Head CV (female CAST)
  • Delmarch Legs CV (female CAST)
  • Essence of Smackdown Emote
  • Fiona Fairy Long Hair (hairstyle)
  • Fiona Replica (all female races)
  • Collect energy emote
  • Hati Hair (hairstyle)
  • Hati Replica (all female races)
  • The Hero’s Holy Sword (weapon camouflage)
  • Hype Mic (weapon camouflage)
  • Ichiban Kasuga Beard (makeup)
  • Ichiban Kasuga Eyebrows (eyebrows)
  • Ichiban Kasuga Hair (haircut)
  • Ichiban Kasuga’s outfit (all male races)
  • Ior Mail (all male races)
  • Jahiroke (all female races)
  • Kisei Type-KU Replica (unisex, all races)
  • Lucier Style Hair (haircut)
  • Lucier Style Hair 2 (haircut)
  • Lucier Style Replica (all female races)
  • Matriarch Machine Gun (weapon camouflage)
  • Mystic Style Hair (hairstyle)
  • Mystic Style Hair 2 (haircut)
  • Mystic Style Replica (all female races)
  • Nagamimi (Mag device)
  • Ono Michio Face (accessory)
  • Otaku Style Hair (haircut)
  • Otaku Style Replica (all female races)
  • Saeko Mukoda Hair (haircut)
  • Fishnet tights from Saeko Mukoda (body paint)
  • Saeko Mukoda’s outfit (all women’s races)
  • SFC Fairy (Mag device)
  • Space Channel 5 Dance emote
  • Space Channel 5 Ulala Mimicry emote
  • Student Style Hair Short (haircut)
  • Student Style UE77 F (all female races)
  • Student Style UE77 M (all male races)
  • Temple Style Hair (haircut)
  • Temple Style Hair 2 (haircut)
  • Temple Style Replica (all female races)
  • Tension Blaster (weapon camouflage)
  • Ulala Hair (hairstyle)
  • Ulala Hair B (haircut)
  • Ulala Headset (accessory)
  • Ulala Headset B (accessory)
  • Ulala Pigtails (haircut)
  • Ulala Replica (all female races)

pso2 space channel 5 sega legacy ii ac scratch cardspso2 space channel 5 sega legacy ii ac scratch cards

Here’s a video showing some of the 7th Dragon, Space Channel 5, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon items you can get through PSO2 Sega Legacy II AC scratch cards.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is available worldwide on Xbox One and PC. It’s also on the PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan. The PSO2 Sega Legacy II scratch cards are available from May 5, 2021 to June 2, 2021.

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