Virgin Media DOWN: Broadband Users Complain They Can’t Get Online – Where’s the Outage?

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Virgin Media down (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA)

If you try this morning and cannot access your Virgin Media broadband, it seems you are not alone. Thousands of users are complaining that the popular Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having issues and not working in parts of the UK, including the Southwest.

Independent tracking website DownDetector, which monitors social media listings to track when web services are offline, suggests that thousands of Virgin users are currently experiencing the outage. At the time of writing, there are even 1,500 complaints that users do not have access to the internet. A Virgin user said on DownDetector’s forum page, “£ 52.50 a month without service in Torbay. Over an hour on hold. I’ll find another provider for half the price and good service. “

It’s unclear what triggered the gremlins, but users have also been quick to complain via social media platforms such as Twitter.

A disgruntled Virgin user said, “Thank you @virginmedia for your internet down AGAIN, ready for my exams. If I don’t pass I’ll take you downstairs.”

While another said, “@virginmedia good morning. My broadband is not working in the Exeter area. Any idea when it will be back?”

Virgin Media down

Virgin Media down (Image: DOWN DETECTOR)

Virgin Media down

Virgin Media has been down in some parts of the UK (Image: TWITTER)

Virgin has now confirmed the broadband outage with a spokesperson telling, “We are aware of an outage affecting broadband and TV services for some of our Southwest customers. We are working as soon as possible to restore services and apologize to those affected. “

While rare, these massive outages can have a major impact on customers, especially as many of us continue to work from home. Virgin usually fixes these kinds of issues pretty quickly so hopefully those affected will be back online soon. will bring you more updates as soon as we receive them.


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