WoW: Burning Crusade Classic will be released in “the coming months,” Blizzard confirms

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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will be released in the coming months, Blizzard has confirmed.

Yesterday, we reported that the classic server option for World of Warcraft’s first official expansion could very well launch next month on June 1, and while this is still a possibility, fans were wondering if it is indeed happening. As we mentioned, this would mean that the expansion will be released worldwide in less than a month and that Blizzard has yet to officially announce the date of the Burning Crusade pre-patch.

So the Burning Crusade Classic launch date is still in the air for now, although a release appears to be imminent as the closed beta has been available on PTR since March.

During Blizzard-Activision’s most recent income call with investorsThe release of the expansion was also mentioned by President Daniel Alegre and Chief Commercial Officer Armin Zerza. During the call, the latter confirmed that the expansion will be released in the coming months.

“Blizzard builds on this momentum with more content for the modern game and the upcoming release of the Burning Crusade”, Alegre told investors. “The expansion that was first launched in 2007 to WoW classic. The Burning Crusade received rave reviews at launch and we expect the upcoming release will appeal even more to current subscribers, bring back expired classics and also bring all-new players to WoW Classic. “

Zerza continued“Now let me look at the output for the second quarter and full year. Regarding the slate, our extensive teams are focused on delivering epic in-game and up-front content ”, said the executive. “This means that we will continue to support our franchises with new in-game content, events and features that are all critical elements of our business, while focusing on keeping our communities engaged and driving player investment year-round. In terms of prior releases, we will consider while Burning Crusade Classic in the coming months. “

The exact release date of Burning Crusade Classic is still unknown, but will arrive soon. A release on June 1st is also not entirely ruled out.

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